Journal of Contemporary Management

Computer Communication & Collaboration

ISSN:2292-1028 (Print)    ISSN:2292-1036(Online)

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2014.2)

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[1] Multicriteria Evaluation and Optimization ---Nonlinear Trade-off Scheme

Albert Voronin, Yuriy Ziatdinov

[2] Automated planning with the aid of case-based reasoning and group decision-making methods

Aleksandr Berman,Olga Nikolaychuk ,Aleksandr Yurin (Correspondence author)

[3] G-Complexity, Quantum Computation and Anticipatory Processes

Mihai Nadin

[4] Review onBenefits and Risks of Personalization and Solutions for Privacy Concerns

Johannes Frank, Michael J. Harnisch

[5] Automata and Continuous Logic

Vitaly Levin

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