Computer Communication & Collaboration

Computer Communication & Collaboration

ISSN:2292-1028 (Print)    ISSN:2292-1036(Online)

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2014.11)(In Process)

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[1] Homomorphism Preserving Some Generalizations of Comma-free codes[Download PDF]

Chunhua Cao,Haiyan Liu(Correspondence author),Di Yang(Correspondence author),Li Jia

[2]Transparent Data Hiding for True Color Images [Download PDF]

Majid Masoumi (corresponding author), Mahsa Rezaei

[3]Estimating available bandwidth in wired IPv6 networks[Download PDF]

Mahamat Hassan Borgou, Cheikh SARR (Correspondence author)

[4]Factors that enhance or hinder acceptance and use of mobile devices for learning: A meta-analysis of 60 studies on mobile learning[Download PDF]

Hasan Al-Zahrani, Kumar Laxman

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