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In the year 2014, Review of Economics & Finance is ranked 98 among top 2,000 peer journals worldwide(Ranked by Downloads÷Number of published articles).

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BAP is a technical publisher devoted to meeting the needs in academic and professional fields, such as business and finance, economics, sciences, technology, agriculture, education, and health science, with journals and books in print and in database. Also, BAP cooperates with Academic Research Centre of Canada (ARCC), which is registered in Canada.

What is BAP

“BAP” stands for Better Advances Press, a scholarly and scientific publisher. All journals published by BAP must pass a peer-review system and quality control through an editorial team.

Mission of BAP

To better serve the professionals; Publications are for professionals by professionals.

Activities of BAP

Sets up a reliable platform for international scholarly and scientific exchanges in the world; Sponsors academic research projects; Publishes journals and books.

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The article entitled "Intellectual Capital Disclosure Scenario in India: An Empirical Study of IT Corporations" (author: Madan Lal Bhasin) is involved in partial plagiarism. The publisher and Editorial Board of Review of Economics & Finance announce that this article is canceled from publication in No.2, 2011.

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